The Conference That Aims to Change The Way People Live

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The Conference That Aims to Change The Way People Live

January 10
12:12 2023

The world is facing a major health crisis, and it’s time we reclaim our potential as a species. An international conference is being organized to tackle this issue head on and to introduce new strategies for reimagining society in order to better meet the physiological needs of every individual. The idea is to move away from simply providing wants, and instead look at what can be done to increase life satisfaction.

This conference will aim to address the social determinants of health, which are incredibly important when looking at global well-being. We need to address the importance of broadening the scope of who is able to provide care so that more epidemiological data can be collected. A multidisciplinary networking software could also be a solution to aid communication between medical professionals during patient care.

Furthermore, patients need better access not only to health records but also health education and services. Over reliance on non-domestic food imports, over production of processed foods/GMOs, and monocropping are all things that contribute to global food insecurity.

“Almost all low-income and middle-income countries; 88.2% of low-income countries, 90.7% of lower-middle income countries, and 93% of upper-middle income countries have seen inflation levels above 5%, with many experiencing double-digit inflation.” – The World Bank (http://wrld.bg/RR5k50LVtk6)

Emotional intelligence plays an integral role here too – if individuals were more aware of their own character and emotions, they could access their highest potentials and truly make an impact on society as a whole. One way this could be achieved is by introducing degrees related to emotional intelligence in higher education systems. This would create a generation of informed citizens who understand how their experiences shape their perspective and the perspective of those around them.

Overall this conference seeks to unite professionals from all continents in various industries such as medicine (allopathic/alternative), agriculture, academia, construction, technology, policy makers and leaders alike – so that everyone has a chance at improving the quality of life for humans around the world.

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