ChatGPT Detector Helps People Detect AI-Generated Content And Counter Problems Such As Fake News, Plagiarised Content, And Cheating

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ChatGPT Detector Helps People Detect AI-Generated Content And Counter Problems Such As Fake News, Plagiarised Content, And Cheating

January 18
22:44 2023

The AI content detector helps entrepreneurs protect their best interests.

In the last few years, AI has grown rapidly and can now do jobs previously thought impossible, such as writing content. While this has certainly opened doors to new possibilities, this generated content isn’t as perfect or refined as people think it to be and can spell trouble for a website’s SEO ranking. That is why the new app ChatGPT Detector is trying to help. The app is a welcome addition for entrepreneurs and helps ensure Google doesn’t penalize or deindex it for good. 

Speaking on occasion, the founder of the application, Haroon, said, “Currently, there is a media frenzy going on in the past few weeks with the launch of ChatGPT and how far the company has become a multi-billion dollar company. While it is certainly a giant leap towards an exciting future, it can soon become a nightmare for many, especially if they don’t understand it completely. To frankly put it, the content generated can have a high amount of plagiarism and lack the soul that one would find in content written by a human. According to Google guidelines, the content generated through machine learning algorithms and AI breaches rules and can lead to penalties, including the site being penalized.” 

Haroon and his team developed the app by building algorithms that can identify patterns to help people check whether the content is AI-generated. All they have to do is head over to the website and copy-paste the text or upload the file, and in a few moments, they will let them know. The app is completely free to use at this stage.

The app will also help stop cybercriminals from using AI-generated content to scam more people than ever before. Haroon added, “Imagine the number of scam sites that were previously online. Bow, these criminals will have access to tools that make them build 10 websites in half the time. This is why government officials must be able to detect AI-generated content.” 

Students can also use GPT and GPT 3-generated content to complete their assignments which essentially takes away the whole point of education in the first place. Using their app, teachers can see which assignment is done by a human and which by a machine.

Moreover, it will also help counter the spreading of fake news, which has been a huge problem, especially regarding elections.

People interested in checking out the ChatGPT Detector App can head over their website today at https://chatgptdetector.app/.

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