Iraqi Kurdish journalist Farman Nashad makes headway in the Arab media scene

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Iraqi Kurdish journalist Farman Nashad makes headway in the Arab media scene

January 20
17:33 2023
An emerging journalist and media personality based in Iraq, Farman Nashad has produced books and important references in the Arab world. He continues to carve out his own space in the global media industry with his courage, resolve, and honesty.

Journalist and writer Farman Nashad is making a big splash in the news media scene in the Arab world with his body of work that has served as a critical reference to important developments in the Egyptian and Iraqi media.

Throughout the years, he has made a mark in the journalism industry by developing, assisting, and training a large group of young people in Erbil, the capital and most populated city in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, to reach their aspirations in developing their skills in the field of media and the content they provide to the community.

Field journalist Farman Nashad graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cihan University in Iraqi Kurdistan Erbil, on August 17, 2017. He is a field journalist and member of the National Union of Iraqi Journalists (NUJI) who has recently made waves online as one of the most followed media personalities in Iraq with 107,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Writer Farman Nashad has already written two books. One is a highly-rated book in the field of poetry written in the Kurdish language. The book consists of a collection of poems about patriotism and love in general.

The other one, titled “Journalists of War,” is a book written in the Arabic language and a worthy read in the field of journalism. The book deals with the most critical challenges facing field journalists in countries experiencing war conflicts, particularly the events taking place in Iraq from extremist ideas. 

Farman’s body of work –– from his books to articles and reports –– has been a go-to news resource and academic reference in the Egyptian and Iraqi media. 

“Many journalists and academic professionals want to dig deep into journalism in the Arab world. My books offer a key insight to the industry here, providing news outlets and aspiring journalists some reference for their research,” said Farman, who has worked as a field journalist in the region. 

Farman Nashad witnessed and covered the ISIS war on the front lines in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and it became a significant source for broadcasting the developments of the ISIS war for the global and regional media.

Iraqi Kurdish journalist Farman Nashad became famous after several meetings with Iraqi politicians and clerics who have influence in the political arena, the most prominent of which include Mullah Krekar, an Iraqi Kurdish preacher who came to Norway as a refugee in 1991. Mullah has served as the founder of the defunct Islamic group Ansar al-Islam. Farman also sat down with Haji Karwan, a journalist and MP in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Omed Xoshnaw, governor of Erbil, and Farhad Perbal, a Kurdish writer and philosopher. This made Farman made him enjoy great fame and popularity in Iraqi society as an independent journalist.

Those who wish to connect with writer Farman Nashad may send a message right away. Others who want to learn more about Farman may follow his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@FarmanNashad for more information.

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