Work Recognition Is Helping People Get Their Qualifications Based On Experience And Gap-Training.

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Work Recognition Is Helping People Get Their Qualifications Based On Experience And Gap-Training.

January 20
23:07 2023
Work Recognition is an education support career consulting service agency that aims to equalise the scale of opportunity by helping mature aged students identify the most suitable educational method for their circumstances, goals, and preferred learning methods.

Work Recognition’s focus as an education career consultant agency is to help each student identify where they want to be, what they need to do to get there, and what suitable qualifications will help them reach their dreams.

Work Recognition looks at their clients’ work history and skills to identify what they know about their profession and what they need to learn.

Often real-life experience and skills aren’t given any credit when it comes to qualification, work recognition aims to change that by identifying each students hard earned “on the job” experience relevance to the units within their chosen qualification and then helping them try to find the right institution that will recognize each students work experience as a form of learning while gap-training them on things they don’t know.

Work Recognitions Goal is to turn serve as a helping hand for each mature aged students that seeks to transfer their skills and experience into qualifications that gets the attention of employers and a career that they’ll love and enjoy. 


How Work Recognition works and what they’re doing to help

Work Recognition believes that practical learning is far more beneficial than classroom learning as one gains real experience in that specific skill or role. Yet so many jobs still only focus on things like the degree that candidates have, discrediting real experience and knowledge. 

Work Recognition acts as an education career consultant agency. They spend extensive time with each student to dig deep into what skills and education would be best for that student. Work Recognition doesn’t just focus on the topic to study. Utilizing a student’s personality and psychological learning methods, they hone in on the ideal programs for that student to best learn the skills they want to obtain.

Once they’ve identified what a student wants to learn and the best way for them to learn it, they recommend the ideal study options from numerous institutions so that the student can have a defined path forward. 


Work Recognition doesn’t believe in the typical one-size-fits-all learning programs. They know that everyone learns differently, and it’s their goal to identify each student’s best path forward to success. 

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